Harts Farm responsible use of alcohol policy
Harts farm recognizes the social and culinary benefits of good local wines, beers and ciders taken in moderation. We are happy to recommend and supply a limited range of beverages to our guests. It is important that our guests remain safe and happy and we therefore provide contact details of local transport
companies to enable safe enjoyment of alcohol in the surrounding restaurants and wineries. Local roads are quite tricky to navigate and road conditions change frequently especially on the unsealed Tucks and Shands Rds.
B and B guests may bring their own drinks or purchase from our cellar at bottleshop prices. B and B guests may have friends to visit or enjoy dinner together by arrangement. B and B registered guests are responsible for their friends safety and must ensure appropriate designated drivers are nominated or make use of local taxi services that we can arrange for you.
Drunkeness on the site will not be tolerated and guests will be asked to leave.
Our liquor license demands that serving alcohol to intoxicated guests is not permissable.