Apple Cider and Orchard

Hart’s Farm Mornington Peninsula Cider 

Our apple and pear orchard of heritage cider and perry varietals was planted in 2010 and had its first crop in 2014. A second major planting was in 2016-17 took our tree count to 325.

Hart’s Farm Bottle Fermented Apple Cider is produced from both heritage apples from our farm and more modern varieties from friends’ orchards on the Peninsula.

The apples are picked, crushed and pressed within a day. Filtration through fine mesh removes large sediments. Primary fermentation is commenced immediately after pressing. Ambient Temperatures are generally low teens and primary fermentation proceeds slowly over the next 4 weeks or so. As our apples mature over a period of 4-6 weeks, the first ferments are racked and stored in air tight stainless steel tanks prior to blending when all the fruit has been harvested and processed.

Final blending precedes bottling with additional apple juice and yeast and this creates the secondary fermentation for natural carbonation. A natural sediment may form from the secondary yeast.

Our Cider Range

  • 2015 Bone Dry Cider (Bronze medal winner Red Hill show 2017 and Australian Cider Awards 2017) all residual sugar is converted to alcohol and the final alcohol concentration is usually about 7%. There is no residual Glucose or Fructose and may suit Fructose intolerant folks who can’ usually tolerate fruit based drinks.
  • 2017 Dry Cider (Silver Medal winner 2017 Australian Cider awards & Silver Medal, Red Hill Show 2018): has just a touch of residual fruit sugar. 2018 Dry Cider – Silver Medal winner, Australian Cider Awards!
  • Semi-Dry Cider (Bronze medal Red Hill Show 2018): fermentation stopped with mid fruit sugar levels for those who prefer a slightly sweeter drink.
  • Spiced Cider – a versatile “mulled” or spiced cider with citrus and spices which is

    Pear Quince and Apple Cider – 750ml

    great as a warmed drink in winter or as a refreshing chilled afternoon spritzer

  • 2018 Quince Pear and Apple Cider. Balanced fruit with clean acidity and beautiful aromatic nose. Available only in individual 750 ml bottles or cases of 6. This is our first year producing this excellent “event” drink and the reaction has been very positive.

The Flavour Of Our Ciders

The flavour of the finished cider will vary slightly from year to year and batch to batch depending on available fruit and seasonal characteristics. All avoid excessive sugary content and have the fruit flavours coming through. The fizz from the natural carbonation (bottle conditioning) lasts the life of the drink in the glass.

Traditional apple varieties are used in our ciders which include: Braeburn (fabulous eating as well), Cox’s Orange Pippin, Somerset Red Streak, Golden Harvey, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Jonathon just to name a few!

Cider Tastings Mornington Peninsula

Cider tastings are available at the Farm Gate on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and public holidays, or appointment.

Purchase our ciders at selected outlets and restaurants on the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne, or buy online! Mixed 4 packs/cases are now available online.

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Traditional apple varieties include: Braeburn (fabulous eating as well), Cox’s Orange Pippin, Somerset Red Streak, Golden Harvey, Bullmer’s Norman, Improved Foxwhelp, Yarlington Mill, Laxton’s Superb, Kingston Black, Sweet Coppin, Calville Blanc d’Hiver, Dabinett, King David, Frequin Rouge D’Amer, Ribbston Pippin.

Additional varietals include: Pink Lady, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Jonathon, Pink Lady and Fuji.