Join us for the fun of the harvest and learn all about curing your own olives to take home – Olive Harvest Days in May to July 2017 are now open for bookings – ! These days include equipment, information and a great lunch. They are ideal corporate days or just family fun. Follow this link for details

The olive grove consists of over 1300 trees. We planted the classic Tuscan varieties, Frantoio, Pendolino and Leccino (the Mornington Peninsula is a similar latitude to Tuscany). These trees make wonderful high polyphenol extra virgin olive oils and have won multiple awards. We also have 100 Piccholine trees for larger table fruit.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Available NOW

Harts Farm 2015 Leccino Pendolino Blend wins Silver Medal at Australian Olive Association competition in Robust section.

Harts Farm 2016 Frantoio Leccino Pendolino Blend wins Bronze at Australian Olive Association competition in Robust section.

Purchase Hart’s Farm extra virgin olive oil in 500ml, 1 Litre, 4 Litre or 20 litre sizes. Impress your friends and create your very own special Blend of olive oil from the three varieties we produce. Makes a perfect gift. Take to a dinner party instead of chocolates, or wine. No one else will have the same oil. During the harvest season you can have the opportunity of purchasing just pressed ultra fresh oil, which is not available from shops.

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Be sure to get on board with the Australian Olive Associations Everyday Olive Oil campaign

Table Olives
Hart’s farm produces several varieties of table olives – firm green taggiasca style (Frantoio), Mornington minis, and semi dried black ripe olives. Sizes include 180 gm, 3.5kg, 7.0 kg pails, 14kg pails. French Piccholine table olive trees were planted in 2011.

Self Pick
Come and pick your own olives during the harvest season in May and June. Learn how to prepare your own olives for eating. Bookings required.