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Exploration Walks
Walk the olive grove and orchards. Take a seat and relax in the peaceful wetland area or on top of the olive grove  hill overlooking Westernport. Sit and paint or ramble with your camera and capture the beauty. Wander down, or up Tucks Rd and the very energetic can even walk to Shoreham beach 6 km away!

Planted to a variety of stone fruits, figs, and the cider apple and pear orchard. It is just a short walk to the olive grove on the other side of the creek.


The creek has been revegetated with indigenous reeds and water plants as well as larger trees such as blackwoods, eucalypts – messmate in the main – and green wattles. The coolest (weatherwise) part of the property, the smell of eucalyptus in the evenings is fabulous. Occasional koalas are seen and the black wallaby and grey kangaroos can also hop by.


The Peninsula offers a bird watchers paradise and Harts Farm shares this bounty and has helped regenerate indigenous plants for habitat. Watch out for large predators such as wedge tailed eagles, hawks and falcons, wading birds and wood ducks near the top dam, parrots of numerous types including the large yellow faced black cockatoo flocks. Now that we have planted many flowering shrubs, the small birds – wagtails, wrens, butcherbirds, barn swallows have all returned. Wake up to the kookaburras and magpies in the mornings.

Vegetable and Herb Gardens
Come and explore, pick your own and then cook them (by arrangement and seasonal).

Check out the Chooks
The girls are fun to watch as they range around in their safety zone. Help us feed them or collect the eggs.

Chat to Millie and Gypsy
Our daughter Rachael’s horses love to chat to the guests and you can quite happily feed them some apples or carrots.